We Celebrate Life

Legacies aren’t born. They are raised.

Since 2004, NorthStar Memorial Group has grown, evolved and led the funeral and cemetery profession with a fresh perspective and without ever losing sight of what we do best: celebrating life and passionately supporting the families we serve. What began as a single property in Decatur, Illinois has now expanded to include more than 85 funeral, cremation and cemetery locations serving thousands of families across the United States. Here, we understand the power of legacies, and we’ve made it our life’s work to honor them.

our mission

Finding Our True North

We see leadership as both a state of mind and a way of life. Our company was founded by a group of experienced funeral, cremation and memorialization professionals who understand what it means to lead. In fact, this promise of direction is how we got our name. The North Star shines as a universal symbol of steadfast guidance and security, and NorthStar Memorial Group stands for the same. All cultures. All families. All communities. All are welcome. We illuminate paths to peace with personalized ceremonies that beautifully honor loved ones and unique memorial tributes designed to last through the ages.

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